I’ve been on quite a journey over the 8 years of my life. Raised as a classical musician, I was surrounded by a life of hard work and discipline. Over the years I felt I was guided somewhere else. My new calling was to work in a Pilates Studio as Moss Pilates (home of Polestar Pilates) as their studio manager. I saw the most incredible things, clients coming in with pain and then after a few months, most being out of pain and back enjoying life! This really inspired me to train in both studio and mat pilates which I decided to do with Polestar Pilates in 2011 and qualified in 2013. Polestar, I believe have a very comprehensive teaching method, as this American organisation is led by a physiotherapist with a wealth of experience. I have been taught to look at the client as an individual, as we all have different minds and bodies so what might work for one, might not work with someone else. This is what I love about my job, almost the quiz of what is really going on for you. Looking at where the pain maybe stemming from, rather than symptom managing, which in some cases also can be done. I have been blessed over the years, working with an array of clients in London with different issues and well as a variety of career types, from city workers to actors.

I wanted to further my knowledge in rehab training, I qualified with London School of Sports and Rehab Massage in 2014. My want was then to mix both massage and pilates together into a session if I need. I have also continued my education with workshops in mind therapy, back pain, led by top osteopaths and physios as well as movement classes led by dancers.

Over the last few years I was diagnosed with cancer and this has taught me to see life with an even deeper lens. Practices in mindfulness, mediation, and looking at deep emotional work has also crept into my teaching, for the clients, I feel will benefit from it. I believe my teaching is about seeing you as a whole person, and teaching from that point and supporting you on getting better or keeping your fitness going. The wonderful thing about studio pilates is that it is achievable for everyone, be that fitness or rehabilitation i.e. for muscle/skeletal issues!